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THE PROBE is a satirical take on popular magazine-style news podcasts, focused on telling a single story over the course of a season.
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Nov 2, 2016



Season One

In an effort to uncover where corruption in American politics starts, The Probe goes deep inside an average high school student body presidential election. Listen as hosts Lisa Burton and Mary Beth Smith meet the candidates and their families, speculate on their motives for running, and unmask all the nasty aspects of running for office at any level.

Episode 6

The Debate: A time-honored tradition that the 2016 US presidential election has taken a massive dump upon. This episode of The Probe explores whether the students [and faculty] at FDRHS fell prey to name calling and mudslinging as they took the debate stage. How will Staci answer to the accusation of skipping class? Why does Thomas keep taking pictures next to posters bashing Staci? Where would Cori get that many balloons? Why would a woman leave a man who was nothing but loyal to her? And the most burning question of all will finally be answered: Is August running?




Lisa Burton: Lisa Burton

Mary Beth Smith: Mary Beth Smith


Thomas Buffington, Jr.: Clayton Margeson

Staci Kramer: Shira Wilson

Cori Wilson: Lauren Walker

August Tooley-Anderson: Brian Holden

Vice Principal Curtis Hannigan: Ryan Ben

Faculty Liaison Eliza Schroeder: Meredith Stepien

Debate Audience: Allie Kahan and Max from the iO box


Produced by Matt Young, Lisa Burton, Mary Beth Smith and Hannah Parsons

Editor: Hannah Parsons

Original Music: Hannah Parsons

Other Music: Final Cut Pro, iLife, and iMovie Sound Effects


The Probe Logo: Maxwell Hudetz

Special Thanks to Cards Against Humanity for allowing us to record in their beautiful space.

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